Yoga Teacher Training School 200HR

Focus on functional movement, bio-mechanics, anatomy and alignment.
A mindful exploration.

Yogachelan in Chelan WA

If you have never visited Chelan you are in for an amazing surprise.  If you live here you know what I mean.  Lake Chelan is 50 miles long and runs from near the North Cascades with evergreen trees and dense vegetation to the other end with its high desert feel of rolling hills, plains and sagebrush.  Lake Chelan or the Indian spelling ‘Tsillan’ means deep water.  With the deep water comes beautiful variations of blue and a spiritual feeling,  a sense of peace and well being. The skies equally breath taking are blue and vast.

Families have come here for decades to play in the lake and soak up the sun. Many,  later in life buying homes here and staying.  During the summer our population of 3900 can swell to three to four times that number.  In our valley it has been agriculture that has driven its success.  About twelve years ago the valley began growing grapes and we had a couple of wineries. Now, we have nearly forty wineries and award winning wines throughout the valley. The lake and the valley are anchored by the charming towns of Chelan and Manson.  Chelan, just thirty five minutes from highway 2.

Yogachelan the Business

Yogachelan opened its doors in 2008.  We have grown from those early days of renting space by the hour to what we have today.  Offering many varieties of yoga, workshops, private lessons, YogaCircuit, paddle board yoga, retreats and much more. The owner, Lynda Kennedy, has worked hard to be a part of the community and volunteers and donates to the community. The business was recognized by the Lake Chelan Chamber in 2009 as the Best New Business and in 2011 the Soroptomists awarded Yogachelan with the Best Business of the Year.  Kennedy is well respected in the community for her knowledge and professionalism.  She has surrounded herself with an equally amazing staff and is honored and proud to work with them.

Lynda …”Those of you who know my background and have taken classes from me know that I am very passionate about yoga and how it can benefit the quality of our lives.  As you embark on this yoga teacher training it is about giving you the best training and understanding of this lifestyle of Yoga.  We have developed the training from our experience and training over the years and those topics we felt were good and those we felt were lacking. It is apparent that the yoga teachers we have talked to are feeling that they are not receiving enough understanding and application of anatomy. They often feel uncomfortable an unprepared to teach. Therefore, that will be a main focus so that you are well prepared.”
Sue Pettit will be assisting me during the Training and she too has this passion about yoga and is so eager to share.  Take a look at her profile.

Yogachelan Teacher Training (YTT)

Just a thought as you investigate YTT schools.  It has become popular to get certified through online schools.   I think they have their place and served a purpose during the pandemic. But nothing takes the place of in person, hands on learning and the relationships you build with your fellow students and teacher.

Listed below under Milestones are the dates and a brief sketch of some of the topic that will be covered during that weekend.  The excitement of learning will build throughout the training and the realization that there is so much to know. That is what is so fun.

Information about tuition and payment as well as the school application are linked on a separate page.  Please read through the information, complete and submit the application and the application fee.  If you have any questions please text/email/call Lynda.  206-818-2619 or

What to expect:
The days will be long and your mind and body will be challenged.
Some topics will come easy … some hard.
You will be moved beyond your comfort zone.
There will be required books and suggested reading.
There will be a bit of homework, research and short presentations required.
You will make some great friends.
You will learn a lot about yourself.
You will laugh…and you may cry.
You will feel confident and accomplished.
You will create a foundation for a life time of learning.

Class schedule runs monthly for eight weekends.  Class times: Week 1 and Week 8 begin Friday at Noon, the remaining weeks begin Fridays at 4:00 pm – about 8:00 pm; Saturdays 8:00 am to about 8:00 pm; Sundays 8:00 am to about 5:30 pm.

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