Unwind and Explore at Yogachelan 2018

Private options:
Back health
Myofascial release
Restorative yoga
Somatic movement

Schedule for the weekend:

10:00am Stretch-Tone-Align-OM – regular class
11:30 – 3:30 Private options

8:00am Vinyasa level II-III – regular class
9:30am Gentle Mix – regular class
11:00 – 4:00 Private options

8:00am Hot Yoga spinal energy awakening class – regular class
10:00 – noon  Private options

Please visit our Daily Classes or Special Events pages for details and registration on other classes and workshops. Drop ins welcome to regular classes $15 and hot $20.
Get to know your facilitators: Lynda Kennedy will teach all the classes and workshops except Stretch-Tone-Align-OM (Christina).

Know your facilitator – Lynda Kennedy E-RYT, YACEP

A specialist in alignment and functional movement, Lynda is the owner of Yogachelan Yoga Studio and has been teaching for ten years.
She is a Kinesiolgist (the science of human movement) with a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology and two years of nursing. She is certified with Yoga Alliance, yoga’s International governing body, and is a YACEP, Yoga Alliance continuing education provider.
Lynda has had many success stories with her intuitive nature and expertise in anatomy.

“Lynda embodies love, kindness, and most of all Empowerment….not judgement. Incredibly grateful to have her on my health team!!!!”  – KB

“By adding CoreYo class to my running training, I’ve been able to set the clock back at least 5 years! I set new personal best times for half marathon and 10k! Having a stronger core means better form so I’ve been injury free as well. Thanks Lynda!” – BS

Back Health Intro Class

Over 80% of all men and women in America will suffer acute back pain.

Much of the back pain we suffer with on a daily basis can be prevented with understanding the movement of the spine, muscles of support, and how they are meant to be used. We will explore functional daily movement to prevent injury, reduce pain, and to manage back health.

There is so much we can do to stay out of pain and avoid the frustration, debilitation, and loss of quality of life due to back pain.

Location: Yogachelan Yoga Studio
Investment: $75  Add one person $20.

Myofascial Release Intro Class

Reduce muscle pain…

The fascia in our body is much like ‘saran wrap’ that surrounds, connects, and runs through the muscles that creates a web or chain that holds them together.  This fascia can become injured, over-stretched, bruised, and the result can be a build up of tissue, scarring, limiting movement, and pain. During this class we will grow an understanding of what fascia is and how to do exercises and self massage to begin to smooth out the fascia to relieve pain.

Location: Yogachelan Yoga Studio
Investment: $75  Add one person for $20.

Restorative Yoga

Relax and restore….

Find yourself surrendering into relaxing support. Restorative yoga uses blankets, bolsters, straps to  support the body allowing it to drift into a feeling of security and peace.  Still the mind, deeply relax, balance the nervous system, enhance flexibility, boost the immune system.

Location: Yogachelan Yoga Studio
Investment: $75  Add one person $20

Somatic Movement Yoga

During our daily lives we create movement connections between the brain and the body, some healthy, some less healthy. Many of these become good habits, and many others bad habits. Because of these ‘habits’ we may limit our performance, we may hold unnecessary tension (neck, shoulders), we may create an armor or repressive actions.

Somatic movements are different than most forms of exercise. They are smooth, slow, easy and pleasurable to do (even for those with chronic pain or injury). They result in a freedom of movement and an ease of pain.

For the athlete, it brings new awareness, depth, power, performance to your sport.

Location: Yogachelan Yoga Studio
Investment: $75   Add one person $20.