TRX MIX & TRX Mommy & Me


TRX is a functional movement class that utilizes a suspension trainer to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.  The movements can be very challenging yet adaptable to all levels and in keeping with our yogic practice of mind, body, and spirit.

Class times:  Monday 10:00 am, Tuesday and Thursday 6:45 pm
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TRX Mommy & Me

Mommy and me TRX is designed for women who are wanting to get back in shape after having baby, and want to include their baby in their workout.  This is a shortened c

lass (45 minutes), and is designed for women who have been cleared by their doctors to work out postpartum. We will be working on gently strengthening and re-building the core as well as developing the functional movement that is so essential to being a mother.  Children can be as old as 18 months, but it really depends on the strength of the mother and patience of the child.


If mother did not exercise during pregnancy or before pregnancy, we suggest starting the class with the baby in an infant seat carrier.  It’s important to build the muscles and understand the movements before adding weight.

If mother is an experienced exerciser, we suggest putting baby in a carrier (on the stomach- forward facing or outward facing).  Remember, the heavier the child, the more weight you have to carry. No backpacks.  

Please register for the class ahead of time as we can only have six people in class at a time.  

The yoga studio is not equipped for children to be running around.  

Class time:  Wednesday 8:15 am
Instructor:  Sarah Clarke
Pricing:  See the new Local Special and Unlimited All Access pricing!

TRX Policies

NO Shows and Cancellations TRX

We have a 6 hour cancellation policy for TRX classes due to limited equipment. If you reserve space in a TRX class and wish to cancel, you must call or text the studio or instructor at least 6 hours in advance.  Anything less than 6 hours will result in a session being deducted from your pass. If you have an unlimited pass three days will be subtracted from your 30 day pass. Thank you for your help and cooperation on this policy.

Lateness and Standbys TRX

We encourage you to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of any class. For TRX, we will hold your spot after the start of class if you call or text the studio or instructor and notify us that you are running late. If there is a standby person waiting and you are more than 5 minutes late your spot may be forfeited. You will not be charged if your spot is filled.


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