All about the Shoulders/ Down dog workshop – March

Discovering your shoulders


This workshop is for anyone with shoulders!  There is a lot of misunderstanding about how the shoulders are meant to function. Whether you are interested in growing your yoga practice in down dog, forearm balance, handstand, or like so many struggling with the constant ache in the front of the shoulder, this is a workshop for you.
We will cover anatomy of the shoulder and it functional movement.  Breaking it down piece by piece and how to connect and strengthen each element. How to prevent injury and reduce stress on the rotator cuff.

Down Dog is one of the most common poses in yoga and it is often said that if you can only do one pose a day make it Down Dog.

Yet, it can be such a mystery!

Our Down Dog should have a feeling of lightness in the hands and shoulders and energy and power in the hips, abdominals  and quadriceps. Yet it can feel as though the whole weight of the body rests in the wrists and shoulders.

There are so many variables of strength, flexibility and focus that the balanced pose can eluded us.

When: March

Where: Evolve Yoga in Leavenworth


Price: $45.00 per person. $50 the day of. Please preregister.

Instructor:  Lynda (see her credentials)

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