Yogachelan Yoga Teacher Training School Application

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Application Fee and Tuition

A $350 non-refundable application fee* is due with your program application.  Please submit your $300 application fee through our online store or by check Yogachelan 210 Bandera Way Chelan WA 98816. Fee is credited toward tuition. Due by August 25, 2021.

Full program payment or a signed payment plan agreement are required no later than 7 days prior to the training start date. All tuition payments must be completed by the last week of your program’s end date to participate and earn certification.


$3450 | When paid in full by August 25, 2021.  Application and fee due.
$3550 I When paid in full by August 18, 2021
$3750 I When paid in installments.  Final payment due prior to the last weekend of training.

*Application fee may be paid by Credit Card. All other payments pay by check, money order, Venmo. If credit card there is a 5% charge.  Thank you.

Payment plans available. Ask for explanation and how we can work together on this.


Upon acceptance to the program, the $350 application fee is non-refundable. If I (you the student) cancel prior to 30 days before the program’s start day I will forfeit the $350 application fee but have the remaining tuition refunded. If I (you the student) cancel within 14 days before the training’s start date I will forfeit my $350 deposit and 50% of the tuition cost. Once the program begins, tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.

I understand and agree….. Place signature in space 6 of your application.

Certification Qualifications

Students will be required to meet certain expectations during the course of training which will be outlined at the beginning of training. Expectations will include: hours spent with the lead instructor, independent study, reading, research, presentations, active participation, demonstration of skills and a final exam. Simply paying for the course and fulfilling the hours will not qualify as meeting certification qualifications.

Yogachelan reserves the right to dismiss me (the student) from the program if my behavior is deemed inappropriate, unethical or not within Yogachelan’s school code of conduct guidelines. If this should occur, I understand I will not be refunded my tuition.

I understand and agree …..Place signature in space 7 of your application.

Assumption of Risk

I understand that I am the keeper of my body. That it is my responsibility to listen to and acknowledge my personal state of health.  If at any time my body is fatigued, injured, or over-worked during the course of physical practice I will take care to honor and listen to my body, to rest as needed.  I understand that during the course of training that I must listen for instruction, wait for demonstrations, and retain spotters before moving into more challenging poses. I must communicate and move with intention and mindfulness when working with partners and I must require that of the partner also.

I understand and agree ….Place signature in space 8 of your application.

Release and Waiver of Liability

I understand and agree … Place signature in space 9 of your application.


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