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Yogachelan is very grateful for our students and we appreciate their feedback.

Beginning Yoga

Hi Lynda,
Just a quick note to thank you for doing what you do. It's obvious that you help so many people in this community. 
At a certain point, I simply stopped living in my body. You've really helped facilitate my mind's reentry into a space I simply wanted to leave. I have to say, I missed breathing!
Thank you and rock on, 

Breath and Surgery

Hi, Lynda,
  I've been in Seattle my mom had surgery and has been in the hospital about 12 days now. 

One day just after surgery she couldn't get comfortable but wanted to sleep. I did yoga breathing with her, telling her to concentrate on her breath, how it was going to her surgery area and healing her. She was asleep in minutes and 
the nurse that was there felt better, too! So did I. So thanks for all you do, it definitely goes beyond the classroom. See you soon, R E 

Reversing the aging process
"Five years ago, I was working out 3 days a week, doing cardio & pushing some stationary weights.  I was overweight, and my neck & lower back hurt, and I finally made a decision to take responsibility for my health, and how I felt.  I was tired of doing the same thing and never feeling better.I started doing Yoga with Yogachelan the Fall of 2006, and in the beginning, I was unable to do most of the Yoga positions correctly.  I just kept showing up 3 days a week & eventually made some progress.  Learning to connect the Mind with the Body, through the Breath, eventually made some progress possible.  Lisa & Lynda, are excellent Yoga  teachers, and without their encouragement & support, I might have given up the Practice in the 1st year or two.  Within a couple of month's, my Neck & Back quit hurting!  I found that in addition to my Body working better, I also was much more relaxed, and better able to handle the Stress of work & life. 
Today, I am 25 pounds lighter, and feel like I did when I was in my 40's.  I feel that, thank's to Yogachelan, I have found a way to Reverse the Aging Process.
The benefits of Spinal Flexibilty, & Balance, and overall sense of Well Being, are well worth the effort & commitment required to achieve the benefits of YOGA.
I came to Yogachelan, with an artificlal knee, and 20+ years as a Type II diabetic, thanks to my Service in Vietnam & heavy exposure to Agent Orange.  Lisa & Lynda met me where I was, and worked with me to modify some of the Yoga positions that I physically could not achieve.  They are very highly reguarded in the Yoga community, and have the credential's and ability to help anyone who has the drive and desire to improve their Health.
I, unreservedly recommend Yogachelan to anyone who wants to Feel better, Physically & Mentally.  If, like me, you would rather spend a few $ on Preventative Medicine, rather than let the System Practice Medicine on You, Call Lisa & Lynda, or show up at the Studio, and get started on Reversing the Aging Process."  

-Steve P
Steve is attending his 50th High School reunion next week.
Yoga Fitness Challenge

"The Yogachelan Challenge for me was a sanity saver. I was laid off from my job on February 15. Shortly thereafter I committed to the Challenge.

Attending the yoga classes focusing on the challenge allowed me to do something good for me, see the positive, become stronger and trust my body, myself and my intuition.

I thank you and my fellow yogis for creating a safe and sacred space for yoga practice."




Yoga Golf Fitness 

"I wanted to share what I think your yoga classes have done for me and my golf game. 

First, in 2 months I lost 15 lbs. That fact made my turning easier- back and forward. Second, I gained more core strength, arm strength, leg strength, and just stronger in general. Third, I have a better diet today and am more conscious of what I eat and I am not as hungry, therefore I eat smaller portions. Finally I view yoga as a way of lifeand missed it the last two weeks that I have been golfing in the desert.

I can't wait to enjoy your yoga for golfers classes. Yoga got me back on track."
Thanks so much -  Gary

Snowga Event 
Lynda and Lisa
I just wanted to thank you for such a perfect and wonderful day!  Jill and I had so much fun.  You guys rockJ 

Yogachelan worked with me throughout my pregnancy, so that I was able to stay in shape and increase my f lexibility. Yoga really helped me to alleviate the back pain that so many pregnant moms experience. I was able to keep going to Yogachelan's Sloga (slow , gentle yoga) class up until the week I delivered. Despite having had a surprise c-section, I was anxious to get back to class when my doctor gave me the green light (6 weeks). Taking classes w ith Lynda, Lisa & Dan has really helped my recovery process and is a great treat for a new mom.
Love, Katherine

I have people ask me how my back is. I have scoliosis with three curves in my spine long as I stay active, I do pretty well. As with anything, I have good days and bad days. Part of my "treatment" is massage, chiropractic care and yoga. Yoga has changed my life! I sit straighter in my chair, I walk taller and I have shed some of those hard to lose pounds. But most important....I feel fantastic!
Lynda, Lisa and Dan were all doing hip stretches/exercises in November and December, and I noticed a major change in my own body due to all the exercises from the yoga classes. In massage, my psoas muscle stretched easier making my massage therapist really work to actually find the darn thing (it is easier to find when it is tight!). The other time I noticed the whole hip thing is when I went skiing. I haven't been snow skiiing in 8 years, and I remember my hips and quads really hurting at the end of the day. My husband and I went skiing at Mission Ridge in December, and by the end of the day my right quad hurt a little bit and that was it! Again, yoga has changed my life.
Thank you Yogachelan!