Start living from your calm place – August 19

Yoga and the ICE Method

“I feel amazing when I leave Yoga?

How can I have this great feeling be a bigger part of my life?”  

This workshop will give you concrete ways to live a more peace-filled life. We’ll enjoy supportive yoga poses that allow for full relaxation of body and mind, and you’ll learn an exciting new method to quickly remove triggers that have been hanging on in your life so you can experience that same level of peace outside of the Yoga studio. Imagine your life with more calm in it. 

When: August 19, 2017

Time:  11:00 – 1:00

Where:  Yogachelan Studio

Investment: $45.00 per person. Please  preregister.

Instructors:  Jessie Simmons, RYT, BA Psychology
                           Lars Clauson, Author of three books on the ICE Method

Memory Reconsolidation Applied:  Calm Your Past to Live Your Future.

Transformation at the cellular level of your brain and body.  Memory Reconsolidation Applied gives you access to one of the most important recent brain discoveries.  The ICE Method gives individuals and practitioners a tool for transforming upsets to calm. The ICE Method goes beyond merely adapting or adjusting to the challenges of life.  The ICE Method provides fundamental replacement of upset chemistry with the emotional chemistry of calm.

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