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Somatic Movement

During our daily lives we create movement connections between the brain and the body, some healthy, some less healthy. Many of these become good habits, and many others bad habits. Because of these 'habits' we may limit our performance, we may hold unnecessary tension (neck, shoulders), we may create an armor or repressive actions.

Somatic movements are different than most forms of exercise. They are smooth, slow, easy and pleasurable to do (even for those with chronic pain or injury). They result in a freedom of movement.

For the athlete, it brings new awareness, depth, power, performance to your sport.


When:  June 6, 2015  Saturday
            Class begins at 9:30 am and is 2 - 2 1/2 hrs.

Location:  Yogachelan Studio 206 E Woodin

Instructor:  Lynda Kennedy E-RYT, BS Kinesiology, BS Clinical Psychology

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