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Sloga "Stress Reducer" T 6:00 p

Tuesday  6:00 PM   "Stress Reducer"

Gentle Yoga or Sloga (Pronounced:"slow ga"  Definition: Yogachelan's slow, gentle yoga class)

The perfect practice for the end of the work day or to bring balance to your stressful workouts.

To quiet the mind, to quiet the nervous system, these classes will spend more time on the breath phase, meditation and the relaxation phase of the practice. Modifications are given for those with different needs making this a very comfortable environment. Gentle moves for those delicate wrist, shoulder, knee, and hip joints. This practice is all about safety, alignment, and a feeling of connection. We moves slowly and gently for those who may be working with an injury, illness, pregnancy, arthritis, back concerns, etc.

This practice is taught by Lynda: RYT, BS Kinesiology, BS Clinical Psychology, 2 Yrs Nursing.

Class time 60 - 75 minutes
All levels 

Register online under Daily Classes.

Stress:  Watch this short video about the effects of stress and what you can do. (click here TED-Ed)

From the doctor on Back Pain.
Doctors now realize that lying around is actually counterproductive, leading to a decrease in conditioning and an increase in pain. The longer you stay in bed the more muscle mass you lose (up to 3 percent per day) and the resulting loss of strength can interfere with your rehabilitation, and force you to overwork other muscles to compensate. Rather than babying a back injury, doctors now recommend people start gentle activities the first day.

- Yoga as Medicine T. McCall, MD