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Our Mission

The Mission of Yogachelan is to promote the health benefits of yoga and to make  yoga accessible to everyone. Yogachelan encourages and shares the practice of yoga as a practical way of life.

Lynda Kennedy owner YogachelanYogachelan is owned and operated  by Lynda Kennedy. The business began in March 2008. Lynda is an experienced, certified, and insured yoga instructor. 

We are passionate about our mission. Sharing yoga in an inclusive fashion with encouragement, understanding, comfort and fun. Helping our students understand that we are all built differently, we see things differently, we feel things differently, and that is wonderful. Encouraging our students to be accepting and grateful for our bodies and how they move in this moment.

Many of Yogachelan's classes are taught in the vinyasa style and others are very slow and thoughtful, engaging deep awareness of the movement.  Each of our instructors has added their own personal classes that they enjoy teaching. Christina created her special class 'Stretch-Tone-Align-OM' for level 1-2 students.  Lynda loves teaching a Slow Gentle class she calls Sloga and Mature Movers (or senior yoga). Yogachelan has also taught pre-natal classes at a local health clinic, classes at a nursing home, classes for breast cancer survivors, and classes for youth at risk.

Yogachelan is more that just a yoga studio. From the beginning of our small business we have believed that it was important to be Involved, Support, and Give Back to the Community  Please click on the link to see us in the community. 

Yogachelan was awarded  "Best New Business of the Year" in Chelan by the Chelan Chamber of Commerce on November 12, 2009 and in 2012 Yogachelan was awarded the "2011-2012 Business of the Year" by the Chelan Intenational Soroptimists. We are very proud to be recognized by our community. Yogachelan is also one of only two businesses in Chelan, SuperHost Certified. 

Our Instructors
Community Involvement

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