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Mature Movers (Srs) T W TH

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday @ 10:00 AM 

We laugh in this class and say that this is Mature Movers not Mature Sitters. We are all seeking an ongoing quality of life and in this class we challenge, encourage, and support each other to stay healthy and moving. Each of us have something we are dealing with and we have them all in this class: hip replacements, shoulder issues, balance troubles, double knee replacements, carple tunnel, aching hips, fallen arches. You get the picture. But we are all here moving for our health. We all have the desire to be as much as we can be.  Come join us and grow with this healthy quality of life seeking group. - Lynda

Class description: In this ongoing series, we use a three tier approach that allows everyone to move at their own pace and level. Some positions we may want to use a chair to sit in for support through the movement; some positions we may use the chair or wall  for standing support; and, some positions we may need no support.

The classes are designed for the movement we need for quality of life as we mature. Balance for walking, hand strength and flexibility, shoulder rotation, safe bending...moving all 620 muscles of our body.

You will learn a little something in each class about about one or more of the following: anatomy, healthy living, nutrition, aging, relaxation, meditation, reducing stress, building functional strength, etc. We have a lot of fun and it is a great group to hang with.

How do I get started?:  You may just drop in or call first if you'd like. Arrive just 5 minutes early; there is a class before yours. Dress comfortably so you can move. We will supply the yoga equipment. You may want to bring water.

Bring a friend, it always make the first time easier.

This class by Lynda Kennedy RYT, BS Kinesiology, BS Clinical Psychology, 2 Yrs Nursing.

Class time about 75 minutes

Register online under Daily Classes.

"I want to tell you I have enjoyed being part of your classes and you truly bring your inspirational spirit and expertise to all that attend. We are very fortunate to have you helping us in Chelan."  - Glade

"It's great to get back to your studio. It is filled with great energy and warmth. I love the way you take time to assist us to feel the right way in a pose. And yes, the relax at the end is a little bit of heaven." - Namaste' Ginny