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Defy Gravity

Secrets of Arm Balances Revealed

Liz Doyle Defy Gravity at YogachelanEver look at a picture of a hand balance and wonder how it's even possible? What do these people know that you don't?

The truth is, there ARE some secrets to making these poses more accessible. Of course it requires practice, but wouldn't it be nice to know some shortcuts? I'll teach you the tips and techniques that will help you access these mystery poses, and even explain something I've never heard another teacher teach. Learn the simple tricks, techniques and secrets to making arm balances and upside down poses more accessible.

If you have not YET learned to do these poses, you'll walk away with new skills. If you can balance on your hands and head, we'll offer you a challenge too. Get ready for hard work combined with fun.



When:  October 11, 2014  11:00 - 1:00
Price:  $45.   Early Bird $35 by October 1, 2014
Registration:  Register online now.
Location:  Yogachelan Studio

Liz Doyle at Yogachelan
Liz brief  bio:

An avid student of the practice, Liz teaches some of the most creative, challenging and fun yoga classes in the Seattle area. She understands yoga from a philosophical and alignment perspective, which complements her ability to assist students in quickly improving their technique, increasing skills, and going deeper. 

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