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Crossfit Yoga Grand Coulee

More classes Fall 2016.

If you would like to join us for classes please contact host, Cassy Douglas.   Pre-registration is required.

Just Shoulders:  Functional Movement, Injury Prevention and Every Day Living: This joint is the location of the second most debilitating injury and chronic pain we can have in our bodies, after the back. The simple act of reaching wrong can tear a rotator cuff and then it is weeks/months or longer to recover. There is less and less evidence that surgery is the answer often resulting in decreased mobility and continued chronic pain. Whether you are an athlete or retired preventing shoulder issues; frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, impingement; will improve your functional movement and quality of life.
2 hours $45 Minimum 10

Yoga for your Workout: Crossfitters, Runners, Weightlifters, etc: We will work on stabilizing the core, stretching those chronically tight hips, hamstrings and shoulders; learn to fuel our focus and body with the breath; and focus on safety and alignment.
90 minutes $18 Minimum 15

Yin Yoga: Stretching for Athletes and those that just love to stretch. These stretches are held for 2-6 minutes giving the connective tissue that supports the muscles an opportunity to move. True stretching happens after about a minute and a half. Our focus will be on hips, hamstrings, pectorals, IT bands, and psoas.
90 minutes $18 Minimum 15

Instructor:  Lynda Kennedy E-RYT, BS Kinesiology (science of human movement), BS Clinical Psychology, 2 yrs Nursing, 1000's of hours of yoga teaching