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Back Health ws

Back Health Workshop - fighting the back pain epidemic.

Over 80% of all men and women in America will suffer acute back pain.

Much of the back pain we suffer with on daily basis can be prevented with understanding the movement of the spine and muscles of support and how they are meant to be used.

This workshop keeps it basic. There is so much we can do to stay out of pain and avoid the frustration, debilitation, and loss of quality of life due to back pain. 

  • We'll cover the structure of the spine.
  • How the spine is meant to move.
  • Why core strength makes a difference. 
  • How hamstring flexibility impacts our back.
  • How we hold our head and shoulders is reflected in our back.
  • How breath can reduce back pain.

This workshop is taught by Lynda Kennedy. Lynda has a BS in Kinesiology (The Science and Study of Human Movement), BS Clinical Psychology, two years of nursing, has been through back pain herself, and is a certified yoga instructor with 1000's of hours of instruction and many success stories from students regarding the improved health of their backs.

On November 7 at 11:00 a free follow up class to answer questions.

When:  October 17, 2015
Time:   11:00 - 2:00
Price:   $60.00  Early Bird $45.00 by October 15.
Registration:  Register now.
Location:  Yogachelan Studio  

Don't hesitate to call/text/email questions.


Thank you for the workshop today.  It was very helpful and helped me on 
a number of different levels.  Let the daily routine begin, so that I 
might see more than just a ray of sunshine of hope of healing.